Don’t Worry, There’s No Amount Of Anxiety Can Change The Future


Some people worry excessively about the future, to the point that it becomes a major part of their lives. For some people, worrying about the future is a way to avoid facing present problems. However, there is no amount of anxiety that can change the future. The past cannot be changed and no matter how much someone worries, there is always uncertainty in the world.

no amount of anxiety can change the future showing a woman under stress

The future

The past has already happened, and the future has yet to be written. What happens in the present is what will determine our future. If we focus on our fears and worries, they will only take control of our lives and rob us of happiness. If we let go of our fears and worry, we can allow ourselves to be open to possibilities and enjoy the present moment.

Worrying about the future won’t change anything

Although worrying about the future can be a normal and healthy worry, it won’t actually change anything. The future is impossible to predict, so worrying about it will only make you more anxious and stressed. Instead of worrying about what might happen, focus on taking care of yourself right now and try to enjoy your life.

Accept what you can’t control

The truth is worrying will only add more stress and anxiety to an already difficult situation. Worrying can also lead to negative thinking, which can further exacerbate the problem. Ultimately, worrying about things that we can’t control is only going to make us feel worse. So try to focus on the things that you can control and let go of the rest.

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Accepting that something is out of our control can help us focus on the things that we can do to improve our situation. It can also make us more resilient in the face of difficult challenges. When we accept what we can’t change, it helps us to focus on what’s important and free us from worry and anxiety.

Live in the present

What we do today matters most, and worrying about the future will only keep us from enjoying our present. Live in the present and focus on what’s important, and everything else will work out just fine. Try to live each day as if it’s your last, and take advantage of everything life has to offer.

Make time for yourself

Relaxation and self-care are important for reducing anxiety. This means making time for yourself, whether that means taking a break from work to relax or taking some time for you to do something you enjoy. There are many ways to reduce anxiety, so find what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety may never go away completely, but by learning to live in the present and accepting anxiety for what it is, you can lessen its impact on your life. It’s important to remember that the future is always uncertain, but by focusing on the present and accepting that anxiety will always be a part of our lives, we can live more comfortably and with less stress.

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